Luggage For Travelling Around Asia

Luggage For Travelling Around Asia

Michael Keogh

Preparing for a holiday in Asia? If you're hoping to invest in some new luggage before setting off, don't rush into buying anything until you've carefully considered your travel plans. After all, there's nothing more annoying than being stuck in a foreign country with an annoying bag or suitcase to lug around. Whatever kind of activities you have planned for your trip, Bags To Go has got you covered! Keep reading to find out what luggage option is best for your holiday.


Backpacking Holiday

When it comes to finding suitable backpacks for travelling to Asia, we stock a range of versatile options. Whether you're island-hopping in Bali or trekking across the Great Wall of China, a comfortable and spacious backpack is a must if you plan to do a lot of walking during your trip. Backpackers tend to travel light out of necessity, but that's no reason to forego the essentials. If you're going on a long haul holiday, the Caribee Wheeled Hiking Backpack has a capacity of 75 litres and more than enough room for all of your clothing, toiletries and other supplies. For shorter trips, we also stock arrange of smaller backpacks that will equip you for your next adventure.


Luxury Escape

From beachfront resorts to five-star hotels, Asia has plenty of luxury accommodation. If you plan on staying somewhere fancy, you'll need plenty of outfit options in order to look the part. Rather than stuffing your nicest clothes into a backpack, a lightweight yet spacious suitcase like the medium American Tourister would be much better suited to a luxurious journey throughout Asia. Featuring a fully lined interior, expandable capacity and 3 TSA combination locks, this is one of the best suitcases for safe and comfortable travel. If you're the kind of person that likes to change their outfit every couple of hours while on holiday, our range of large suitcases should be able to accommodate all of your wardrobe options.


Road Trip

Travelling across the Asian continent by car or bus would no doubt be exciting, but keeping your belongings safe might be something of a challenge. The roads can get a little bumpy in some parts of Asia, so you'll need a bag that can withstand being bounced around in the back of a vehicle without sustaining any damage. We suggest the Blackwolf Bladerunner duffel bag due to its functional design that includes all-terrain wheels and lockable zips.

Once you've decided which kind of bag would best suit your trip to Asia, don't forget to stock up on travel accessories. And for more overseas travel advice, be sure to read our previous blog post on how to make overhaul flights more comfortable!