Foldable Duffles


Samsonite - Tote A Ton Duffle - Black

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Foldable Duffles

Foldable duffle bags make great travel companions. If you come home from every holiday with twice the amount of luggage you left with, consider stashing a foldable duffle in your suitcase. Whether you love stocking up on souvenirs, new clothes, or tasty treats during your travels, travelling with an extra bag will ensure you have somewhere to store everything on your way home. 

Bags To Go offers a wide choice of foldable duffle bags for holidays, business trips and everyday use. From foldable duffle bags with wheels to compact foldable travel bags, our range has options to suit every traveller.  

Easy Storage

Tired of trying to squeeze all your essentials into a single bag? Investing in a folding duffle bag will give you more flexibility when it comes to packing for trips. Our foldable duffle bags are available in a range of sizes, include 45L, 60L and 120L options. Even our larger duffles are lightweight and can be folded down to such a small size you won’t even notice you’ve got a second bag stashed away inside your main luggage.

Not sure how you’ll carry two bags at once? This range includes several duffle bags with wheels that can be steered with just one hand. Some of our duffle bags also convert into backpacks, allowing you to keep your hands free while you’re on the move.

Designed with durable weatherproof materials, our foldable duffle bags are built to last. They’re great for carrying not only souvenirs and travel essentials, but also sweaty gym gear, school supplies and any other items you need to transport.

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