Whether you’re travelling down the road for school or around the world on your next holiday, you’ll find your new favourite stylish, comfortable and functional backpack in the wide range offered by Bags To Go.

We feature the latest bags and backpacks from trusted brands such as AirBac, BlackWolf, Hedgren, High Sierra, Lonely Planet, Pacsafe, Solo, Travelite, Travelon, Victorinox and Zoomlite.


Travel Backpacks

Make exploration on your next holiday a breeze by carrying your essentials in our stylish, high performance travel backpacks. These are lightweight but sturdy packs that are rugged enough for adventure holidays and stylish enough for shopping getaways. Many options feature the latest in anti-theft innovations, including RFID blocking technology.


Laptop Backpacks

The stylish laptop backpacks in our range were specifically designed for the safe and comfortable transportation of laptops and other mobile devices. These are the perfect solution for the daily commute on the bus, train or bicycle to work, school or university.


Hiking Backpacks

Our hiking backpacks can provide you with the means to enjoying the great outdoors to the fullest, taking on the weight without slowing you down nor incurring back pain. Ranging from small to large size hiking packs, including hiking bags with wheels, we have what it takes to get your needs covered.


School Backpacks

Your child will be proud to carry his or her books, lunch and sporting equipment to school in our fresh, funky backpacks. These school bags are designed to distribute the load across growing backs and shoulders, preventing the onset of back pain, spinal abnormalities and muscle deformation.