Most of our suitcases come with built-in fixed TSA combination locks.  TSA stands for the Transportation Security Administration. It’s an agency within the US Department of Homeland Security that has authority over the security of the travelling public in the United States. Chiefly concerned with air travel, the TSA employs screening officers in airports, armed Federal Air Marshalls in planes, and mobile teams of dog handlers and explosive specialists. They have stringent demands in regard to accessing luggage for security purposes, and thus staff possess a special and secure tool to open locks as needed; a tool which is unavailable to the general public.  With a TSA lock, you can be sure that you can travel safely and securely with your luggage!

Whilst each brand and range may have a slightly different design of TSA lock, most follow the same basic proceedure for unlocking and setting.  To open your luggage for the first time, ensure that the dials on the lock are set to 0-0-0 , and then slide the latch to release the zip pullers from the lock. More detailed instructions on setting and using TSA locks can be found inside your case, or through one of the dropdowns below.

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