Travel Locks & Straps

Travel Locks & Straps

Do you like to have an extra bit of peace of mind when you travel? Bags To Go provides a range of Luggage locks and suitcase straps you can use to add extra security to your luggage. Our safety accessories are made by leading travel brands such as Comfort Travel, Lonely Planet, Global Travel and GO Travel Accessories.


Travel Locks

Checking in luggage is a fundamental part of the travelling process. To ensure that no one has access to your possessions, suitcase locks are vital. If the old-fashioned lock-and-key system feels most secure to you, we have plenty of options to choose from. But if you prefer not having to worry about keeping track of the key, select from our range of contemporary combination locks instead. No matter what your preference is, we’ve got the lock for you. 


Suitcase Straps

When your suitcase isn’t one of the first you see on the airport carousel, do you start to worry that someone may have accidentally picked up your luggage? Keep these fears away by wrapping one of our luggage straps around your travelling gear. These straps for suitcases come in a range of bright colours, making it easy to quickly identify your bags. They also act as an additional form of security, presenting one more obstacle for thieves.

Bags To Go is the company to trust when it comes to travelling comfortably and securely. Check out our range of travel locks and straps to get your luggage ready for a safe voyage.