Bags To Go stocks one of the broadest ranges of anti-theft backpacks and bags in Australia, with each item specifically designed to protect travellers from theft and other invasive property crimes. From anti-theft bags and anti-theft wallets through to RFID accessories, these innovative products by well known brands like Comfort Travel, Pacsafe, Travelon and Zoomlite will ensure only you have access to your belongings on your next trip.

Blade & cut resistant

The anti-theft bags in the range are built from the most extreme, blade and cut resistant materials and fabrics. These materials have been lab tested to ensure that would-be criminals cannot access your belongings by slashing or puncturing your bag.

RFID technology

When travelling, be mindful of the risks associated with RFID technology in bankcards, credit cards and passports. RFID reading technology is readily available and savvy criminals are using these devices to access travellers’ banking and personal information. These devices only need to be held near your bag or wallet for a second to pick up the information on your passport and credit cards. The latest in RFID blocking technology is incorporated into many of our featured bags, wallets, purses, passport covers and credit card sleeves.

Mesh bag protector

Mesh bag protectors are designed to completely enclose your luggage in high strength, blade proof mesh, preventing anyone without a key from opening the compartments to access your possessions. These solutions are particularly effective for hiking and travel backpacks that feature a number of Velcro and zip compartments.

Anti-Theft accessories

Bags To Go also has a number of additional anti-theft accessories such as travel locks and straps. These high-quality products can be used on your existing luggage.

Don’t let thieves and criminals ruin your next holiday or business trip. Invest in anti-theft travel bags and accessories that will keep you travel documents, money, credit cards and other possessions away from prying fingers.