Luggage Tags

Luggage Tags

Set your luggage apart from the rest and avoid costly mix-ups with a set of luggage tags from Bags To Go.

Things can get crazy at the baggage pickup carousel. Accidentally picking up the wrong bag (or having someone accidentally pick up yours) is a scenario that every traveller dreads. It has the potential to ruin a holiday or cause extra stress once you get home.

Bags To Go has a variety of brands in their collection of tags, including Comfort Travel, Global Travel and GO Travel Accessories.


Suitcase Tags

Travel tags have dual purposes. They first let you add identification information to your luggage in the event they get mislaid by baggage handlers or someone else ends up with them. They also serve as an identifying feature to help you differentiate your luggage from other suitcases that may look similar.

Suitcase tags are a more visually pleasing alternative to the paper tags found at the airport. They are also less likely to fall off or get broken in transit.

Choose from our selection of bright tags; there are many fun colours available, so you can pick something that appeals to you. If security is a concern, go for tags that have flaps to cover personal information.

With affordable, quality tags in stock, you can be sure to find the plastic or leather tags that will make your luggage stand out.

For the best range of quality luggage tags in Australia, look through our collection today. You will find the items to set your luggage apart on your next trip right here.