Document Wallets

Document Wallets

Keep your passport, boarding passes, transfer details, visa details and all other important travel-related documents safe in a quality travel document wallet from Bags To Go.

We sell travel wallets with multiple sleeves, card slots, zippered compartments, secure wrist straps, and the latest in RFID technology – features that are the ultimate in travel document security. These travel document organisers are also lightweight, so they won’t take up much of that precious carry-on luggage weight allowance.

For the ultimate safety precaution, consider a travel document wallet that includes RFID blocking technology. Many passports now include microchips that use radio frequencies to communicate personal, sensitive information during customs checks. Unfortunately, many criminals also have access to equipment that can tap into the transmissions from your passport – even if they’re 10 feet away. RFID blocking technology is essential to keep your sensitive data secure as you travel. RFID safe travel wallets are also a good place to store credit cards and bank cards, as many of these now also emit radio frequencies.

Our premium travel document wallets and organisers are designed and manufactured by leaders in the travel industry such as Caribee, Lonely Planet and Pacsafe. To learn more about each product, just click on them – in no time at all, you’ll be provided with information such as dimensions, weight, materials and features.

Whether you’re using the ATM, about to board your flight, or queuing up at a ticket counter, your travel wallet can be an essential tool, helping you to keep your confidential cards and information in the one easily accessible yet safe place. Order yours today!