Black Wolf Backpacks & Bags

Black Wolf Backpacks & Bags

Give me sun, Give me mountains, Give me surf. If your perfect weekend away means outdoors and camping, look no further. BlackWolf specialises in camping and adventure gear. Australia is a country of campers and that is why they love BlackWolf.

BlackWolf has a passion for the outdoors and a deep connection with the world we live in. You can hike Mount Kosciuszko or surf the great blue, BlackWolf’s products are quality and will withstand the harshest Australian climates. Their 150 products come in the marketplace come with a lifetime warranty so you can make the most of every escape.

BlackWolf have been creating elite outdoor equipment since '96. Much has changed since then, the range has widened considerably. They have launched incredible ranges like 'Turbo tents'. There is one small thing that has never changed - their love of the outdoors. 


Black Wolf Hiking Backpacks

Black Wolf designs and manufactures a great variety of backpacks, from trekking or hiking backpacks for the adventure-seekers to the more compact daypacks that are suitable for the urbanites who look for convenience during their daily commutes to work, uni or casual get-togethers with their mates.

Black Wolf range of hiking backpacks are designed to tackle all elements, from the built-in raincovers for when the weather turns sour to the smart incorporation of detachable daypacks that makes a perfect option for multi-day trips.

Check out some of our most popular ranges of Black Wolf - Grand Tour, Cancun, Bladerunner, Cuba, and McKinley