Eagle Creek Luggage & Bags

Eagle Creek Luggage & Bags

Eagle Creek is known for manufacturing tough travel gear. Founded in 1975, the brand has grown to become a leading provider of outdoor luggage. From hiking trips to backpacking voyages, Eagle Creek bags can enhance any travel experience. Built to suit the needs of adventurous travellers, this range includes wheeled backpacks, duffel bags, toiletry bags and packing cubes.

Eagle Creek’s luggage solutions can be trusted to last through every leg of your journey. If you’re planning to spend any time outdoors during your travels, several styles in the Eagle Creek collection have weather-resistant features for added protection against bad conditions. Fashioned from water-repellent materials, including Geo Ripstop and Bi-Tech™ fabric, it takes a lot more than a bit of rain to bother these bags.


Eagle Creek Product Ranges

Want to get better at staying organised while you’re on the move? Eagle Creek believes organised travellers are happy travellers. If you can never keep the contents of your bag from getting tangled, you’ll love Eagle Creek’s packing cubes. Ultra-light and easy to use, they make it much easier to locate items in your backpack.

For lengthy trips, Eagle Creek duffel bags offer generous packing space. Rather than making you feel weighed down, these duffel bags offer exceptional strength-to-weight ratios.

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