Medium Size Suitcases

Medium Size Suitcases

Sometimes you need to pack more than you would need overnight but less than you might need for an extended trip. If that sounds like your next journey, it might be time to purchase a medium-sized suitcase from Bags To Go.

We carry the best products from reputable brands such as American Tourister, Antler, Samsonite and Zoomlite. These specialist medium suitcases are made for durability and priced for affordability.


Medium Spinner Suitcases

Dragging a traditional suitcase around a large, crowded airport is a challenge many dread attempting. Let a spinner suitcase rescue your back and wrists from a painful fate; these bags are extremely manoeuvrable and easy to push alongside you. 

Take advantage of the handy built-in features such as wheel locks, elastic pouches, adjustable handles and easy-access compartments. You’ll never be left digging through your bags with one of these quality suitcases.


Hardside Suitcases

For the times you would rather your belongings have a bit of extra protection, Bags To Go has an assortment of hardside medium suitcases. These products provide impact protection for your possessions.

With many of the features of their softer counterparts, these suitcases are not limited by their rigid structure. They are often expandable, allowing you just enough leeway to bring back keepsakes from your journey.

Pick matching luggage or go for contrasting colours - either way, your medium suitcases will go wherever you need them to and look great on the way there.

When it comes to finding the best deal on your luggage, let Bags To Go do the work for you. We bring together the best suppliers at the best prices, meaning you can sit back and choose the product you need. Shop online today for your next medium-sized suitcase!