Wheeled Backpacks

Wheeled Backpacks

Need a flexible bag that can keep up with your fast-paced life? Wheeled luggage options and backpacks have their own advantages in different situations, but why not enjoy the benefits of both by choosing one of our wheeled backpacks? The versatility of a travel backpack with wheels makes this type of travel gear an excellent choice for many types of travellers.

A backpack with wheels from Bags To Go will ensure you can move from one destination to another with complete ease - long stairways that make life difficult for suitcases won’t cause any problems anymore. We stock top-quality backpacks from leading brands such as High Sierra, BlackWolf, Caribee, Zoomlite, and Eagle Creek.


Wheeled Duffle Bags with Backpack Straps

With the storage space of a duffle bag, the manoeuvrability of a suitcase and the convenience of a backpack, a wheeled duffle bag with backpack straps is an excellent all-in-one travel solution. This option is perfect for those backpacking or who like the idea of having all their belongings together in one bag.


Wheeled Laptop Backpacks

If you’re travelling with a laptop, you’re not limited to satchels and shoulder bags. Plenty of our wheeled backpacks feature internal laptop pockets, allowing you to travel confidently with the knowledge that your laptop is protected and easily accessible.

Are you one of the many people attracted to the wide array of advantages that come from having a backpack with wheels? If so, our large selection promises to have the ideal bag for you. Shop online today.