Taking off on a holiday abroad? Or just planning a weekend away interstate? Whatever kind of travelling you have in mind, you’re sure to find a duffle bag to meet your luggage needs on the Bags To Go website.

The Bladerunner range by BlackWolf boasts an impressive variety of sizes, colours and features. This stylish yet functional range includes something for every occasion, including your next ski trip. Learn how to pick a luggage for your ski gear.

From the compact to the expansive, these wheeled duffle bags are available in attractive colours such as:

  • Classic black
  • Beautiful blue
  • Hot chili
  • Lime cactus.

Small Duffle Bags

The smaller roller bags in the Bladerunner range are perfect for brief trips away from home. They’re also ideal for use as your on-board luggage; the 40+10L duffle bags meet the size requirements for Australian carry-ons.

With its retractable handle and multiple pockets, your bag will also prove handy and convenient. Organising your belongings and taking them with you between destinations has never been so easy.

Large Duffle Bags

If a longer journey is on the cards, this range has you covered as well. With a 110+30L capacity, BlackWolf’s large wheeled duffle bags are suitable for almost any adventure.

High durability, tough 4WD wheels and twin compartments make these bags sturdy and reliable. They’re also expandable, so your souvenir shopping sprees will no longer lead to packing headaches the night before your flight back home.

The Bladerunner range of duffle bags is just one of the many collections available from Bags To Go. Browse through our site today to find the perfect travel gear and accessories for all your future trips.