Travel Accessories

Travel Accessories

You can never be too organised when it comes to travel. Whether you’re looking for luggage tags, toiletry cases, packing systems or other additions for your next trip, Bags To Go has travel accessories to make every journey easier. If you’re concerned about security, we stock gadgets to help you outsmart pickpockets. Our range also includes items to keep you comfortable on flights, packing systems for easy organisation, and stylish extras for fashionistas.

Comfortable Convenience

The right comfort items can make your adventure that much more enjoyable. Neck pillows make sleeping on the go easy, so you can arrive at your destination feeling well-rested. Designed to support your head and neck in perfect alignment, our memory foam travel pillows are a must-have for flights, road trips and train travel. They’re extremely lightweight and can be folded up easily without losing their shape. For extra-long flights, invest in a pair of compression socks. Essential for frequent flyers, flight socks prevent swelling by applying extra pressure to the veins in your legs. This helps minimise the risk of blood clots while keeping your lower limbs warm and comfy. If you dread being woken up mid-flight, you could also invest in an eye mask and some earplugs.

Easy Organisation

Struggle to stay organised while travelling? Our washable packing cubes will keep your clothes neat and tidy. Made from lightweight ripstop nylon, they won’t weigh down your luggage. Simply pack each cube and place them inside your bag or suitcase. Our accessories range also features an assortment of toiletry cases and plastic bottles designed to prevent spills, as well as rain ponchos in case the weather turns bad. Organised travellers will also be able to shop for adaptors, passport covers, travel wallets and more.

Peace of Mind

Be prepared for security risks by stocking up on travel locks and straps. Our safety and security accessories are made by leading travel brands such as Comfort Travel, Lonely Planet, Global Travel and GO Travel Accessories, so you can be confident in their durability. Designed to be attached in seconds, many of our travel locks can be unlocked and inspected by TSA authorities without damage to the lock’s mechanism. To make your bags even safer, secure them with a luggage strap. Our lockable luggage straps can’t be loosened once they’ve been locked, preventing thieves from opening your bag. From budget backpackers to tech addicts, Bags To Go has travel accessories to suit everyone. Shop the range online or at your local Bags To Go outlet today.