Range Of The Month: Jump

Range Of The Month: Jump

Michael Keogh

Are your old suitcases starting to look a little dull and dated? The Jump Nice collection can lighten up your luggage collection. Featuring vibrant colours and clever features, this range of the month was made for nomadic fashionistas.


What makes them so popular?

All Jump luggage collections are extremely high quality, providing you with a practical yet stylish accessory for every trip. Named after one of the French Riviera's most popular seaside destinations, the Jump Nice range lives up to its glamorous moniker. Sporting rounded edges and leather details, these suitcases embody chic European style.

Created in France, the Jump Nice range is made from high-density twill nylon. Resistant to rips and fraying, each suitcase's exterior is tough enough to handle everything from long-haul holidays to fast-paced business trips.

Aside from their durability, Jump Nice suitcases also have features designed to make your journey more comfortable. Incorporated seamlessly into the suitcase's design, these features include:

  • Telescoping handle made of lightweight aluminium
  • Padded top carry handle
  • Lockable zippers for enhanced security
  • Lined interior with tie down straps
  • TSA-keyed padlock (airport security can open and relock TSA padlocks. This means you won't have to worry about your bag's lock being broken during routine checks)
  • Two side zipped pockets
  • Mesh pocket
  • Large zipped front pocket.


Wide variety of sizes and colours

The Jump Nice range comes in 3 different sizes:

  • 50cm - Perfect for trips when you're only travelling with carry-on
  • 71cm - Ideal for slightly longer trips where you may need a few different outfit options
  • 81cm - The ultimate suitcase for extensive holidays.

Once you've decided which size would best suit your travel needs, you can choose your favourite colour. If you like to stand out from the crowd, the Fuchsia, Purple and Orange options won't go unnoticed. For a slightly more understated look, the Jump Nice range is also available in Navy. To give your travelling style a makeover, check out the entire Jump Nice range today.

Feature image courtesy of Airline International. Please note colours and styles pictures may not all be available.