Introducing The Pacsafe Anti-Theft Apparel Range

Introducing The Pacsafe Anti-Theft Apparel Range

Michael Keogh

There's a lot of fun to be had when planning an overseas holiday. Apart from organising the obvious aspects of your trip - i.e. where you'll stay, what you'll do - it's also important to consider security.

Keeping your belongings safe should be a top priority when travelling. If you're visiting an unfamiliar destination, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Thanks to Pacsafe's innovative anti-theft clothing, it's easier than ever to protect your valuables from thieves.


Thief-Proof Travel Garments for Him

Men's Anti-Theft Hoodie

man in hoodie

Not only does this hoodie keep your valuables protected from pickpocketing and RFID technology theft, it's also super comfortable. Your passport, wallet and phone are kept out of sight thanks to strategically placed pockets, while RFIDsafeTM blocking material guards your credit cards and personal information from scanners.

As an added bonus, the hood has been designed to work as a pull-down eye mask for sleeping - perfect for long-haul flights or shared sleeping quarters.

The Men's Anti-Theft Hoodie is available in sizes small, medium, large and extra-large.



Men's Insulated Travel Vest

men's vest

Perfect for layering in cool weather, this vest should be part of every man's holiday wardrobe. Minimise the risk of theft by keeping your valuables close to your body using the hidden pockets. The RFIDsafeTM material used on the pockets will shield your personal details against scammers, while the Bluesign® approved Clomox Brio insulation will keep you warm during your travels.

The Men's Insulated Travel Vest is available in black and blue and comes in sizes small, medium, large and extra-large.



Thief-Proof Travel Garments for Her

Women's Anti-Theft Hoodie

Your valuables will be much safer stashed close to your body than in a handbag. This flattering-fit hoodie has an impressive 11 pockets cleverly positioned on the bodice, offering enough room for your passport, wallet, phone, and even a tablet. The RFIDsafeTM pocket stops thieves from scanning your credit card details, and thanks to the antibacterial Polygiene® fabric technology, you can get more wears out of it between washes.

The Women's Anti-Theft Hoodie is available in sizes small, medium and large.



Women's Insulated Travel Vest

women's vest

Fashionable yet functional, this vest adds a layer of comfort during busy days filled with sightseeing and travel. The 6 hidden pockets are additionally protected with RFID blocking material so you can be confident your personal information is safe. The lining is made with Bluesign® approved Clomox Brio insulation for added warmth, while the water-repellent material will help keep you dry in wet weather. It can also be rolled up and packed into a comfy travel pillow for easy storage.

The Women's Insulated Travel Vest is available in black or blue and comes in sizes extra-small, small, medium, large and extra-large.



Thief-Proof Travel Accessories

Coversafe Anti-Theft/RFID Blocking Waist Wallet

waist wallet

Designed to be worn under clothing, the Coversafe Waist Wallet will keep your valuables hidden while you travel. The zippered main compartment has enough room to snugly fit your passport, credit cards, cash and ID, so it's all you need for a day of sightseeing. Protected by RFID blocking material, this wallet will help you enjoy a worry-free holiday.

Explore the Pacsafe Coversafe range 


Camsafe Anti-Theft Camera & Laptop Backpack

black backpack

The perfect carry-on luggage companion, the Camsafe Camera & Laptop Backpack is a highly versatile bag packed with security features. With a zippered padded camera compartment and a padded rear laptop and tablet compartment, your electronic devices will be in safe hands. There's also a pouch for storing SD cards, as well as a pen holder, mesh pocket and key/wallet attachment point. A range of anti-theft features were included in the bag's design, including smart zipper securityTM, slashproof carrysafeTM straps and eXomesh ® slashguards.

The Pacsafe Camsafe range also includes a crossbody camera bag, a crossbody camera/ tablet bag and a Slingpack camera bag.



Venturesafe Anti-Theft Wheeled Luggage

black bag  

Keep your belongings secure every step of the journey with the Venturesafe Anti-Theft Wheeled Luggage. Protected with a RoobarTM deluxe locking system, puncture resistant zippers, eXomesh® slashguard and a locking cable, you can rest assured your valuables will be safe. Made from durable materials, this bag can withstand the wear and tear of travel. It also has external attachment points for bulky items, so you can easily haul your sleeping bag or yoga mat along with you.

Browse the Venturesafe luggage range here.



Citysafe CX Anti-Theft/RFID Blocking Square Crossbody

purple handbag

If you need a security-enhanced purse for travel or everyday use, look no further than the Citysafe CX crossbody bag. Stylish and secure, it'll keep your travel essentials safe. Made with slashguard lining and featuring a clasp locking system, pickpocketers stand no chance.

Browse the Pacsafe Citysafe range of bags 


Travel smart and stay safe with the Pacsafe collection of travel gear. Shop the range online or in store with Bags To Go today and enjoy peace of mind on your next journey.