Travelling the World with Carry-On Only

Travelling the World with Carry-On Only

Andrew Keogh

New languages, new cuisine and new cultures await. Travelling the world is exciting, and we’re excited to help you get there. That yearning for adventure can tempt you into buying plane tickets without putting much thought into your luggage options. Before checking out (with an additional checked bag or two), consider travelling the world with carry-on only.

Travelling light isn’t for everyone, but there are many good reasons to pack just the essentials, keep calm, and carry on. You can avoid the risk of losing your luggage or incurring extra baggage costs, keep your spine in alignment, and enjoy walking straight past the baggage carousels, out the door and onto your next destination.

Not only is travelling the world with carry-on only possible, it’s also incredibly liberating. Here are some expert tips for packing carry-on only.

Know Your Limits 

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Choose the Right Bag

Choosing the best carry-on bag for your personal needs really is the key to successfully travelling the world with carry-on only. It will need to be light enough to let you pack as much as possible, small enough to fit in confined spaces, and durable enough to withstand wear and tear.

We’ve rounded up the lightest carry-on luggage to make packing light for travel a breeze.


Samsonite is a brand known for quality and innovation, so it’s not surprising they have some of the lightest carry-on luggage on the market.  

  • The Samsonite Uplite Expandable Duffle is a stunning bag that doesn’t compromise on style. This expandable, lightweight duffle provides 45cm of space and weighs only 0.8kg, so you can pack 6.2kg of your essential travel items.
  • The Samsonite 72 Hours DLX soft suitcase is perfect for those who love to stay organised. Made from lightweight nylon and weighing just 1.7kg, it features multifunctional compartments to make international travel a breeze.
  • For durability, the Samsonite Lite Shock Sport is a hard suitcase inspired by nature. Shock absorbent, self-reinforced, and the lighter of Samsonite’s Curv cases, it weighs in at just 1.7kg. Pack more with the peace of mind knowing your belongings will be well protected.


Antler specialises in classic, high-quality luggage. When it comes to carry-on bags, you can be sure of finding the perfect solution in the Antler Oxygen range.

  • The Antler Oxygen suitcase is an ultra-lightweight carry-on option. Delivering everything you need without making you sacrifice on weight or quality, it features a highly technical (and super strong) flexi-frame structure and rip resistant Available in classic black or navy blue, this suitcase makes packing light for travel easy.

High Sierra

If you’re looking for a cabin bag with great versatility, consider investing in one of High Sierra’s convertible backpacks.

  • The High Sierra AT8 Convertible Carry-On Backpack/Duffle features an innovative multicompartment design. With shoulder straps, a removeable side strap and comfortable grab handles, this backpack offers plenty of carry options. It’s designed specially to fit carry-on dimensions, so you can be confident you’ve chosen the right bag for your carry-on only adventure.


Known for designing long-lasting pieces at economical prices, Caribee constructs their luggage from high quality materials. Jump the baggage check-in queue and head straight for the plane with a carry-on bag from Caribee.

  • The Caribee Sky Master 40L Carry-On Backpack is small enough to fit in a plane’s overhead locker but large enough for all your essentials and souvenirs. It comes with concealable rear shoulder straps and a detachable side shoulder strap for your convenience.

For other lightweight options, check out our top 7 lightweight suitcases.

The Personal Item

Looking for the perfect personal item to accompany your new carry-on luggage The Pacsafe Stylesafe Anti-Theft Tote is a classic everyday handbag. With room for a 15-inch laptop, clothes and other essentials, it’s ideal to carry on a plane, into a meeting, or through the city. Its anti-theft technology means you can enjoy the journey that little bit more, knowing your belongings are safe.

Packing Tips

Once you’ve got your bag, it’s time to pack. While it can be tempting to try and squeeze your entire wardrobe into your luggage, do your best to prioritise the essentials. When packing light for travel, the key is to embrace the minimalist mindset. Those extra outfits you usually bring, just in-case? Take those out. Chances are you won’t need those clothes anyway.

Try and cut down on toiletries by buying travel-sized products and save space on electronics by only taking what you’ll need. Device addiction can it make it difficult to leave your electronics behind, but do you really to bring your computer on holiday?

For more packing guidance, we offer plenty of handy tips in our article on what to leave hind when packing light. Feeling inspired to travel the world with carry-on only? Browse our entire range of small carry on suitcases and shop now.