Range Of The Month: Bon Air Deluxe

Range Of The Month: Bon Air Deluxe

Michael Keogh

With its cool colours and glossy finish, it's not hard to see why the Bon Air Deluxe collection appeals to style-savvy travellers. But our latest range of the month wasn't just chosen for its sophisticated looks - designed by heritage luggage brand American Tourister, these suitcases are both practical and pretty.

Featuring a durable plastic exterior, the Bon Air Deluxe's design is robust yet stylish. If you're worried about being weighed down by the suitcase's hardside structure, we've got good news - this range is constructed from dual texture polypropylene, a lightweight material designed to offer superior protection without adding a ton of extra kilos.

American Tourister is renowned for using high-tech materials to produce lightweight luggage. No matter what size suitcase you need, you can be confident the Bon Air Deluxe range won't compromise your mobility.


What Makes Them So Popular?

The Bon Air Deluxe range comes with a combination of on-trend design details and clever features. The outside of each suitcase features an in-built TSA combination lock, glossy and matte plastic textures, pops of colour and a push-button trolley handle.

Unlike the original Bon Air, the deluxe edition comes with dual wheels for smoother manoeuvrability. This means you can glide around tight corners and roll across bumpy surfaces. If you encounter a flight of stairs, the suitcase's top and side carry handles make light work of lifting your luggage.


Innovative Expandability

There's nothing more annoying than realising your suitcase is too small for the trip you have planned. With a Bon Air Deluxe suitcase, you won't need to panic about where to put everything. This range comes with a nifty expandability function, giving you greater flexibility when it comes to packing. If you need more room, simply expand your suitcase to ensure everything fits comfortably.

The Bon Air Deluxe's interior opens through the middle for 50/50 packing. It also features elasticised packing straps, a mesh divider and zipped pockets, allowing for easy organisation.

Available in shades of Black, Marine, White and Navy, the Bon Air Deluxe suitcase comes in a range of sizes, including:

  • 37-45L
  • 64-75L
  • 108-120L
Experience the luxury of this cutting edge suitcase collection in person by visiting your nearest Bags To Go store today. Image source: bolsoschic.com