Range Of The Month: Antler Oxygen

Range Of The Month: Antler Oxygen

Michael Keogh

Are you sick of having your holiday buzz ruined by strict baggage allowances? Rather than getting caught out with a suitcase that's too heavy, the Oxygen range can help you travel light. Designed by British luggage brand Antler, this range of the month isn't quite as light as air - but it comes pretty close.

Antler is famous for their innovative use of lightweight materials. They've been at the forefront of luggage manufacturing for over 100 years, so you can be confident you're getting an expertly engineered product. The Oxygen range is a classic Antler collection - stylish, smart and made for stress-free jet setting.


What makes them so popular?

It's not hard to see why the Oxygen range is so in demand. If weight is key to your decision when it comes to buying luggage (as it is to many travellers these days), you'll love the Oxygen's lightweight design. Offering better mobility, it's easy to lift, glides around corners and can protect your belongings without weighing you down.

The Oxygen's flexi-frame structure and hardwearing exterior are designed to see you safely through every trip. The outside panels are covered in a geometric hexagonal print, with reinforced corners for added durability. Apart from its contemporary looks, the Oxygen also comes with plenty of practical features, such as a recessed handle, a TSA combination lock and multiple pockets, including a slip compartment for tech accessories.

Packing your suitcase before a big trip can be stressful, but the Oxygen's well-designed interior makes it easy. If you run of out of room, all you need to do is use the expandability function to create more space. The inside of the suitcase also features packing straps, a mesh pocket and a removable, clear plastic toiletry bag.


Wide Variety of Sizes

Oxygen suitcases come in Blue and Black, both of which are sold in the following sizes:

Thanks to the expandability function featured throughout the Oxygen range, these dimensions can be adjusted depending on how much room you need. Even the largest size only weighs a few kilos, so you can make the most of having a suitcase that's both spacious and lightweight.

In terms of user comfort and convenience, Antler has thought of everything when designing the Oxygen. It has all the essential features sought after by modern travellers, making it the perfect choice for your next voyage.

Image source: AntlerUK Twitter