Choosing The Best Luggage For Your Ski Trip

Choosing The Best Luggage For Your Ski Trip

Michael Keogh

Are you planning a ski trip this winter? You don't have to go overseas to find snow - from Mount Buller to Thredbo, Australia has plenty of ski resorts. Just remember, packing carefully is essential to staying warm. You'll need plenty of layers and a warm winter jacket, not to mention some sturdy footwear.

If you're not sure where to start when it comes to preparing for this kind of holiday, we can help. These tips will help you find the best luggage for ski trips:


What to look for

When choosing luggage to take to the snow, keep an eye out for the following features:

Strength and Durability

strength of luggage

You aren't the only one who might end up with a few bruises after your ski trip - your bag may also have to endure some rough conditions. Whether you plan to get to the snow via car, plane or public transport, having a shock-resistant bag can come in handy when visiting wintry destinations.

Icy roads make for bumpy car rides, meaning your luggage may get thrown around a bit. To protect your belongings from sustaining any damage, consider investing in a bag that's been optimised for durability.

A hardside suitcase can work wonders for shock resistance. Need help narrowing down your search for a hard-wearing suitcase? The Curio range by American Tourister is not only extremely tough, but also stylish.

Water Resistance

Snow and rain

The roads and pavements around ski resorts often end up soaked in melted snow and sleet, wreaking havoc on anything that isn't covered in a waterproof coating.

Rather than spending your whole trip worrying about water damage, why not invest in a bag that can withstand the elements? Both the AT7 and AT8 duffel bags by High Sierra come with 2 waterproof panels, taking the hassle out of keeping your clothes and snow gear dry.

Size and Weight

Ski clothes and gear

Even if you're just going skiing for the weekend, you'll still need a bag with enough room to accommodate all your winter essentials. While a small to medium-sized suitcase is fine for a few weeks at the beach, colder destinations call for plenty of packing space. After all, woolly jumpers are a lot bulkier than bikinis.

Having a bag that's easy to lift is also important - trying to walk through the snow is hard enough without being weighed down by your luggage. The No Matter What duffel bags by Eagle Creek come with a padded adjustable shoulder strap, making light work of transporting your luggage (they're also water-resistant).

Style and Colour

This mainly comes down to personal preference, but keep in mind that lighter coloured luggage can be harder to keep clean. Darker coloured bags are not only classically stylish, but won't show any dirt you pick up on the ski fields.


Ask an Expert

To see any of the above bags in person, simply visit your nearest Bags To Go Store. This will allow you to get a feel for the strength and quality of the fabric, and to test out the weight and size of the luggage. You can also ask one of our friendly team members for advice on what type of bags make the best luggage for ski trips - just be sure to ring ahead to check availability.