Star Wars Backpack


Star Wars - Backpack



Star Wars Backpack

The Star Wars range will make you feel like you’re jetting off to a galaxy far, far away. Featuring 3 spinner suitcases inspired by the iconic films, the Star Wars fandom is sure to love this collection.

In honour of the story’s latest antihero, the Kylo Ren suitcase is engraved with the character’s mask. There’s also a mirror finish polycarbonate suitcase featuring the Star Wars insignia, and an R2D2-inspired design.

From young Padawans to Jedi Masters, this range has something to suit all ages. The smallest size is perfect for kids, while the medium and large suitcases have plenty of room for long-haul trips (especially handy if you don’t have the luxury of travelling at light speed!).

Due to their polycarbonate construction, the force is strong with these suitcases. Their spinner wheels are built to withstand bumpy surfaces, while rubber buffers work to protect your valuables from damage while you’re on the move.

Ensure you’re well-prepared for your next intergalactic adventure by picking yourself up a Star Wars suitcase today.

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