Pacsafe Apparel

Pacsafe Apparel

Keep your valuables close at hand with Pacsafe’s apparel range. Offering security and sophistication, this high-tech collection includes men’s and women’s hoodies and vests.

Each item of clothing in the Pacsafe apparel range is fitted with protective features. Strategically placed pockets let you carry your travel essentials close to your body to minimise the risk of theft. Capable of fitting your passport, wallet, phone and other valuables, some of the pockets are also lined with RFID blocking material to defend against credit card scamming devices. Thieves use these devices to steal financial data, but RFID blocking technology acts as a protective barrier to keep your credit card details safe.

The Pacsafe clothing range isn’t just enhanced for security – it’s also easy to keep clean. Made with antibacterial Polygiene® treated fabric, Pacsafe apparel can be worn multiple times without being washed. Polygiene® treated fabric is designed to prevent odour absorption, and the dark colours won’t show up dirt and stains. Pacsafe’s travel vest is a great option if you need a lightweight layer of warmth. Insulated lining allows for efficient heat retention and the water repellent material will come in handy if you ever get caught in a downpour. It can also be packed into a handy travel pillow for napping on the go.
In colder temperatures, the Pacsafe hoodie will keep you nice and snug.

A greater number of pockets are included with the hoodie, providing you with more room for stashing valuables out of site. The Pacsafe apparel range comes in a variety of classic colours, including charcoal, black and blue. Small, medium and large sizes are also available.

Shop the Pacsafe apparel range today and add subtle security to your personal style.