Get The Right Gear Before You Take Off: What To Look For In A Suitcase

Get The Right Gear Before You Take Off: What To Look For In A Suitcase

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Whether you're off on an overseas adventure or a last-minute weekend getaway, it's important to be prepared and equipped with the correct suitcase to do the job. With so many sizes and styles to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which suitcase is right for you. There are several factors to consider when selecting your suitcase, from materials to storage solutions, weight to wheels, and Bags to Go has an unlimited range of suitcases to accommodate every trip.


Hard vs. Soft Case

Much like tacos, it can be tricky to decide between a hard or soft suitcase. The benefits of each option are entirely dependent on the nature of your trip. Hard cases ensure further protection of your suitcase's contents, whereas soft cases are often the lighter choice.

If you are venturing overseas and are concerned about your valuables, such as your camera and laptop, opting for a hard case will give you peace of mind knowing your goodies have extra protection from rough baggage handlers. Our American Tourister Lock N Roll range of hard suitcases is perfect for those turbulent plane rides as it is made from tough polypropylene material - not to mention all the funky colours it comes in!

For a sneaky weekend getaway or cruisy road trip, a soft suitcase may be more suitable for your needs. Our AUS Luggage So Lite range is practical and convenient for easy transportation, made from superiorly light materials and offering the option to expand for more capacity.


Two Wheels vs. Four wheels

Confused about whether to go for two wheels or four? If you're planning on doing a lot of walking with your suitcase, four wheels may be more practical for you. These can roll easily along flat surfaces with little effort or strength required. The Qantas Cloncurry range presents double spinner wheels for easy maneuverability as well as handy organising pockets.

Two-wheeled suitcases allow you to take advantage of more storage space and are easily pulled over just about any surface you may encounter. The High Sierra Wheeled Duffle range offers two-wheeled suitcases with a retractable handle and backpack straps for easy portability - perfect for backpacking or camping.

No matter where you're off to, we can take the stress out of selecting your suitcase, so you can relax and get back to the most important thing - being excited about your trip! Shop our range online or find your nearest store here!