Travel Safe: Avoid Pickpockets While Away!

Travel Safe: Avoid Pickpockets While Away!

Michael Keogh

Some countries are notorious for pickpockets who target tourists, and busy tourist attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Big Ben in London, are hotspots for preying thieves - but don't let this discourage your travels!

There are several ways you can prevent becoming the target of a pickpocket while overseas. From being aware of your surroundings to being equipped with the best anti-theft products, you can trust Bags to Go to help make sure a pickpocket doesn't ruin your travels. Here are our top three tips!


Be Discreet

If you are dressed to the nines in designer gear, dripping in jewels and flashing your cash in public, you are going to be noticed by money-hungry pickpockets. While in a foreign land, it is best not to stack on all of your most expensive pieces of jewellery - in fact, it is probably best to leave them safe at home. We advise that you don't count your money in public, or carry around large sums of cash. Budget what you will need for the day and leave the rest locked up in your safe back in the hotel to avoid tempting pickpockets with your wad of notes. It also helps to dress in muted colours and conventional clothing - bright tourist t-shirts are sure to single you out as a target, so we recommend dressing in a way that helps you can slip through the crowd undetected.


Be Aware of Your Surroundings

As easy as it is to become engrossed in the excitement of a new land, try not to get too lost in the moment. Always remain aware of your surroundings and have your wits about you, especially in busy, crowded areas and at popular tourist attractions. Pickpockets often hang around these areas, waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of an oblivious tourist too busy snapping selfies to remember to keep an eye on their valuables. If you're carrying a bag, make sure to get a model with a zipped closure (this stops wandering hands from getting in easily) and hold it in front of your person at all times.


Be Prepared

Sometimes common sense just doesn't cut it and you have to take further measures to have peace of mind while travelling. Passport protectors and anti-theft bags can make a world of difference for avoiding pickpockets, keeping your most valuable possessions safe from theft and fraudulent scams. It's also worthwhile to keep these items in zipped compartments close to the body as it adds an extra layer of security - the inside pocket on your jacket or a specially-designed money pouch are great options.

If you are preparing to venture overseas and you have concerns about the possibility of tourist-targeting pickpockets and scammers, follow our tips to be prepared and protected against theft! This way, you can get back to the more important things - like enjoying your holiday!

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