Travel Hacks To Fit More Into Your Suitcase

Travel Hacks To Fit More Into Your Suitcase

Michael Keogh

Sometimes one suitcase just doesn't cut it, but two suitcases for one person? That's crazy talk! But you couldn't possibly leave home without your five favourite pairs of striped flannelette pyjamas, could you? Luckily, Bags to Go has some simple travel hacks to help you best utilise your space and fit more into your suitcase.


Organisation is Key

Gone are the days where you just throw your goodies into your suitcase, zip it up and away you go. If you want to pack smart and make the most of your space, it's time to introduce organisational aids and packing systems into your packing routine.

The Eagle Street Pack-It Specter Starter Kit makes packing a breeze as it compresses your clothes, allowing you to fit more into less space and keep items separated in your luggage.

Similarly, the Zoomlite Smart Packing Cube systems provide easy storage solutions for keeping your clothes condensed in your luggage, with different sizes and colours for easy sorting, so you can quickly find what you're looking for while also saving room in your bag. It's like Tupperware for clothes!

You can check out our full range of handy packing systems here.


Roll it or Fold it

Remember Tetris? The fun of stacking things on top of each other in a perfect fit shouldn't be reserved only for your favourite childhood computer game. Tightly rolling your clothes up and stacking them on top of each other makes for smart use of space, leaving you with a tidy and condensed stack of clothes and room for more items.

If you require crease-free clothes and rolling is not an option, correctly folding and compressing your clothes also leaves you with more space, not to mention perfectly crisp clothes. The Zoomlite Smart Shirt Folder is a handy product that assists you in making the most of your suitcase space while keeping your garments wrinkle-free. With its folding instruction board and compressing Velcro closures, you can fit up to 10 items of clothing into one condensed - and neatly folded - package.


Use Your Shoes for Storage

Shoes can be tricky when packing, but you can make the most of these inevitably bulky items by using them for storage. You can easily fit your socks, underwear and other small items inside your shoes to save room in your suitcase - just remember to unpack them before putting your foot inside!

If you're off on an adventure and don't wish to make sacrifices in what you can take, keep our travel hacks in mind to take advantage of the space you have and fit more into your suitcase.

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