The Beauty Of Travelling Within Australia

The Beauty Of Travelling Within Australia

Michael Keogh

Sure, travelling to new countries is an exciting, adventurous way to spend your holidays. With entire continents to explore, it's no surprise Aussies favour overseas destinations. However, if you're constantly looking beyond Australia's borders, you'll miss out on all our country has to offer.

There are so many perks to domestic travel, you might want to consider making your next exploratory trip a home-grown one.


It's close and easy

Long 14-hour flights in packed planes with multiple connections and stopovers are nothing short of exhausting. The pain of jet-lag when you finally arrive at your destination can easily cut into several days of precious holiday time. With domestic travel, you can be at your destination within a few hours, fully rested and ready to sightsee. There's also no need to worry about any currency conversions (or money lost from it) and you won't have to go through customs.

Itinerary planning for domestic travel is a breeze; rather than doing tons of research on the places you're going and mapping out every moment of the day, you can be more relaxed with your travel plans. As an added bonus, you won't have to buy an international sim card or suffer any data roaming costs.


You can have fun road trips

No matter where you live in Australia, there are bound to be some amazing destinations within driving distance. Travelling domestically is a great way to turn your holiday into a fun and adventurous road trip. Perfect for creating long-lasting memories with the people you choose to go with, road trips are good for the soul. Deciding to see Australia by car also gives you a whole new sense of freedom and stunning landscapes to see.


It can be spontaneous

The great thing about flying domestically is there's no need to plan; you could book a flight today if you wanted to! You don't need to organise a visa, or make sure you have the correct vaccinations - you don't even need your passport. The spontaneity you have with domestic travel opens up a wealth of possibilities for you to pursue.


It's safer

An advantageous aspect of travelling within your own country is the added safety. Aside from the familiarity you have with your own country's rules and customs, you'll also know exactly what to do if you come across adversity; and your friends or family won't be far away should you need them. Of course, there's also the benefit of it being much easier to ask for help when everyone speaks the same language.


You support your own country

Tourism is vital to the development of a country's economy. It generates more jobs and increases spending, as well creating revenue in the form of tax dollars that can be put towards advancing infrastructure.  When you travel domestically, you're supporting the growth of Australia and its future.


You can make friends easily

Whether you're journeying solo, with friends or a partner, it's always awesome to make new friends throughout your travels. Connecting with people and building relationships is much easier when you speak the same language and share a similar Aussie sense of humour. Staying in touch and planning visits with the people you meet along the way is also much simpler when they live in the same country.


It can be cheaper

Depending on how you budget your expenses, travelling within Australia will usually be cheaper than heading to an overseas destination. Of course this can vary with your choice of accommodation, daily spending, attractions and the length of your trip. But as you're already accustomed with the cost of most things in Australia, it'll be much easier to put together a budget and (hopefully) stick to it.

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