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Survey Report: How Aussies Plan Their Holidays

Aleem Khan

We love romantic trips. We hate saving money. Some of us love the idea of quitting everything to travel and some of can't even be bothered to explore our own backyard. We surveyed 385 people to investigate the travel habits of Australians. Check out the unusual insights we've discovered about the Australian attitudes towards travel.

How often do we travel overseas for holidays?

You might be surprised to learn not all Aussies enjoy jet-setting around the world. In fact, over a third of our survey respondents said they never travel overseas for holidays.

how often aussies travel overseas

Could it be distance that's keeping so many of us from venturing beyond our own backyard? International travel does involve a lot of effort when you live on an out-of-the-way island continent.

Then how often do we travel within Australia?

A large chunk of Aussies aren't too keen on travelling within Australia either. A quarter of us only travel domestically once a year, while 29.7% of us never do.

Aussies travelling within Australia survey

Could the high cost of domestic travel be to blame for our lack of curiosity in local sights and attractions? When it costs more to fly from one end of the country to the other than it does to pop over to New Zealand or Thailand, is it any wonder a large percentage of Aussies shun domestic travel?

Of course, some people love holidaying domestically. A small percentage of Aussies (7.2% to be exact) travel within Australia at least 4 times a year.

So, why are people choosing to holiday overseas rather than at home?

Well, despite our bogan image, Aussies are actually quite cultured. Around 30% of people surveyed said getting to experience a different culture is one of the best aspects of going overseas rather than travelling domestically.

why australians like travelling overseas

Who do we prefer travelling with?

It turns out Aussies are a romantic bunch. One of our favourite ways to travel is with a partner, especially for younger generations - 38.3% of people aged 25-34 prefer to see the world with their significant other.

But apparently romance goes out the window once you hit the 35-44 age range, when travelling with family becomes the number one priority for most people. Count yourself lucky, kids.

who australians prefer travelling with

How we plan our holidays

If you like to plan out your holidays with plenty of time to spare, you're not alone - 47.6% of Aussies organise their trips at least 3 months in advance. More spontaneous travellers are in the minority, with only 14.3% of people planning things as they go.

how far in advance australians plan their travels

Many Aussies resent that travelling the world comes at a cost. About one third of us regard saving money as a negative aspect of planning a holiday.

Australians hate saving money for holidays

And how do we save that money? Well, 57.2% of Aussies save for their holidays by cutting down on unnecessary indulgences. Resisting the urge to buy new clothes, coffees and fancy restaurant meals is never easy, but for most people it's a necessary step in budgeting for a big trip.

how australians save for holidays

Would we quit work to travel?

Have you ever been tempted to walk out on your job, jump on a plane, and leave all your responsibilities behind?

Then you're just like 21.5% of people we surveyed who wish they could do this. Only 10.9% of respondents have actually done it. And another 21.5% of people think it's a cool idea, but wouldn't do it themselves.

Aussies who quit work to travel

A final word

If this research has taught us anything, it's that the quintessential Aussie traveller is impossible to define. Whether you love venturing to exotic destinations with a perfectly planned itinerary, or you prefer spur-of-the-moment trips within Australia, there's no right or wrong way to satisfy your wanderlust.

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