Range Of The Month: BlackWolf Cancun

Range Of The Month: BlackWolf Cancun

Michael Keogh

Explore the outdoors in style with our latest range of the month, the BlackWolf Cancun backpacks. With their roomy interiors and handy features, these bags can keep you comfortable on even the steepest hiking trails. Whether you're an experienced outdoor enthusiast or about to embark on your first ever camping trip, you can feel confident travelling with a BlackWolf Cancun backpack.


What Makes Them So Popular?

BlackWolf's expertise in designing outdoor gear is evident throughout the Cancun range. These bags prove that you don't need to blow your budget in order to invest in a high quality backpack. Even though they come with all the bells and whistles, BlackWolf Cancun bags are still affordable.

Designed especially for outdoor use, these backpacks are exceptionally light and comfortable, making them easy to carry over long distances. The BlackWolf Cancun's minimalist design is quite deceptive - despite their relatively simple appearance, each backpack comes with an abundance of nifty features, including:

  • Bungee system (this feature makes it easy to strap excess gear to the outside of your bag, such as shoes or a sleeping bag)
  • Compression straps
  • Front access (perfect for keeping items such as your mobile or wallet within easy reach)
  • Internal organiser
  • Padded waist strap
  • Removable daypack
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Sternum strap, for easy weight distribution
  • Twin compartment.


Of all these features, the detachable daypack takes the cake in terms of innovation. Perfect for day excursions or even overnight trips, it can save you from having to carry the full contents of your backpack over shorter distances. Simply stash all your necessities in the daypack and leave your main backpack behind.


Room to Move

Are you worried that the BlackWolf Cancun range might not feature a backpack large enough for all your gear? Available in 70L and 80L capacities, both sizes have more than enough space to stash a range of outdoor necessities. Rather than allowing your belongings to get jumbled up, the internal organiser feature also makes it easy to keep the contents of your bag neat and tidy.

From Lime Green to Chilli, the BlackWolf range comes in several cool colours. If you're in search of something more subtle, there's also Black and Navy Blue options.

To start preparing for your next outdoor adventure, you can browse the BlackWolf Cancun range here.