Picking The Right Bag For Your Holiday

Picking The Right Bag For Your Holiday

Michael Keogh

Accommodation, travel costs, time off work; with so many other important things to think about, your luggage often sits pretty low on the priority list. Whether you're about to head off on a month-long overseas adventure or just hitting up the beach for a long weekend, it's important to choose the right bag for you. Check out how you can pick the best type of bag for your upcoming holiday.


Hiking and Backpacking Holidays

If you're heading off on an adventurous holiday, be sure to choose a bag that can keep up with you. Those setting off on a hiking trip must find a bag that is supportive and sturdy. If you're only going to be climbing small mountains and going for short hikes, you should choose a smaller bag - one that is the perfect size to comfortably fit the essentials. The BlackWolf Tempo 40 litre backpack in particular is ideal for these types of trips. It features a padded waist strap for support, padded shoulder straps, a sternum strap and water bottle pockets.

For longer hiking trips, including backpacking trips, it's important to choose a bag that not only has a larger capacity, but one that is able to evenly distribute the weight of your belongings across your back and shoulders. The BlackWolf Cuba 75 litre hiking backpack features a sternum strap to bring your luggage closer to your body, as well as padded waist straps, shoulder straps and compression straps. It also has a detachable daypack, which will come in handy if you stop by a hotel and want to duck out for food and see the local sights. If you don't want to carry your belongings on your back for your entire trip, consider looking into hybrid luggage that features wheels and sturdy handles. Go bags to go to check out our range of luggage solutions, including those perfect for exploring and backpacking.


An Overseas Adventure

When heading overseas, it's important to choose a hardy and secure suitcase that's going the stand the test of airline handling and transport, as well as your adventures through your destination. Samsonite's range of suitcases prove popular for travellers, due to their resistant material, durable design and, for some bags, wheeling capabilities. Their B-Lite 3 suitcases are available in a variety of sizes and come with built-in TSA locks to ensure the security of your belongings as you travel. Cosmolite FL is another choice within Samsonite's range, as it features a lightweight, yet impact-resistant structure and mesh divider pad to keep your belongings secure, neat and organised.


Weekend Getaway

Don't be lugged down with large suitcases on weekend getaways. Instead, look for a soft duffle bag that will easily fit your essential items. Try to find one that has a few different compartments to help keep your clothes and toiletries organised - this is especially helpful if you'll be on the go during your mini holiday. If you don't feel like carrying your bag, try looking for designs with wheels and a handle. AUS Club offers a range of duffle bags that come in a variety of sizes with plenty of pockets and the ability to either be carried or wheeled. If you only need a simple bag and want to save cupboard space back at home, try using a lightweight, tear-resistant and foldable duffle bag. Brands like Zoomlite offer bags that can be folded into their own pouches.

Choosing the right bag for your holiday can help make your experience much more comfortable and stress-free. What sort would best suit your upcoming getaway?