Let's Talk About Toiletries: How To Pack Like A Pro

Let's Talk About Toiletries: How To Pack Like A Pro

Michael Keogh

No matter where you go on holiday, your toiletries bag is typically one of the heaviest things in your suitcase. While it can be tempting to take the entire contents of your bathroom cupboard, baggage restrictions on planes simply don't allow that, and even on a road trip you're sure to encounter size limitations. It's important to be smart when packing your toiletries bag!

We have thrown together our top tips on how to efficiently pack your toiletries case for your next adventure. Don't get caught out again!


1. Choose the Best Bag for You

Start your packing process by picking up a toiletry case that fulfills your needs. Do you need a bigger bag? Will you want to hang it up in the shower? Do you need inside compartments? Spend some time browsing our range to discover a bag that ticks all your boxes.

On the cheaper end you'll find the Comfort Travel Hanging Toiletry Bag that features a large main compartment and internal mesh pockets as well a hanging hook, so it's perfect for backpackers. The Pack-It: On Board Hanging Toiletry Bag from Eagle Creek also has similar features, but boasts more inner pockets that hold bottles securely. It also has a stain and water-resistant lining to avoid any spillage disasters. For something with a little more space, you want to check out something like the Samsonite B-Lite 3 Beauty Case - it's designed with a roomy main compartment, internal pouches and a smart strap that hooks onto suitcase handles, making it a convenient and clever option. You can see the full range on the Bags To Go website or in store at one of our convenient locations!


2. Downsize

You can buy lots of shampoos, soaps and other items in travel-size bottles, or alternatively decant your favourite products into smaller bottles to save space and weight without having to compromise on your routine. The Cabin Bottles from GO Travel Accessories are a great option to do this. The important thing is to take only the items you will actually need - while aloe-vera is handy on a beach holiday, it's not essential on a winter trip around Europe. If you're travelling with friends or family, also try sharing commonly used products amongst yourselves and effectively utilise your shared baggage space.


3. Organise

There's nothing worse than pulling out your toothbrush to find it covered with hair or a mysterious liquid, so organise your products within your toiletries bag to avoid any unwanted explosions. Many bags will have interior pockets, but you can also use spill-proof pouches such as the ones from Eagle Creek to effectively compartmentalise everything. These bags are also perfect for carrying flight essentials such as hand sanitiser, lip balm and moisturiser with you.

With these steps, you'll be able to efficiently use space in your travel bag and even have room to bring home souvenirs. Want more packing tips and tricks? Check out our previous post on how to pack like a pro.