How To Make Long-Haul Flights More Comfortable

How To Make Long-Haul Flights More Comfortable

Michael Keogh

You've finally booked your dream overseas vacation. You've organised an exciting itinerary of tours and adventures and can barely contain your enthusiasm. Nothing could rain on your parade - except maybe the flight!

The only downfall of travelling to another country is the long-haul flight required to get you there. Even if you are lucky enough to snag the emergency exit seats with extra legroom, and there isn't a crying baby in sight, overseas flights are never pleasant.

Luckily, Bags to Go has all the tips and tricks for how to make a long-haul flight more comfortable and enjoyable, so you can get back to being excited about your holiday!


Have Your Essentials Handy

Ensure you have packed your essentials in your carry-on. Medication, painkillers, chewing gum, snacks, Sudoku or crossword puzzles - whatever helps you pass the time - should all be kept in a handy toiletries bag for easy access during your flight.


Don't Forget Your Comfort Travel Items

A little comfort goes a long way, and when you are sitting on a plane for hours on end, you will be thankful you equipped yourself with your comfort travel items.

Travel pillows, eye masks and earplugs all make a world of difference when you are exhausted and struggling to catch some shut-eye on a long flight. These comfort travel essentials will help you shut the world out and wake up at your destination feeling as fresh as a daisy.

If you suffer from vascular issues, or just find your legs and feet aching after long-haul flights, wear pressure socks during the flight to improve blood circulation and prevent swelling or pain.


Avoid Getting Sick on the Plane

There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination feeling lethargic and unwell. Falling sick after a long-haul flight is quite common, but it can be easily avoided just by taking a few precautions.

Limit your direct contact with germs by using a toilet seat cover, and always remember to pack hand sanitiser in your carry-on and apply regularly to avoid picking up any nasties.

With these easy tips, you're sure to be ready for whatever happens during your flight!

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