How To Know When It's Time For New Luggage

How To Know When It's Time For New Luggage

Michael Keogh

Nearly everyone has that one piece of luggage they've relied on for years. Whether your favourite bag is falling apart or starting to look a little outdated, even the most reliable luggage needs replacing eventually. Not sure if you need to invest in a new bag just yet? To keep your personal belongings safe while you travel, it's essential to keep an eye on how your old luggage is holding up. If you're worried it might need replacing, watch out for the following:


Stressed Out Seams

Seams can be a bag's most vulnerable component. After years of wear and tear, the stitching can start to fray. If your luggage is literally bursting at the seams, it might be time for a replacement and we recommend investing in a bag with reinforced seams such as the No Matter What duffel bag by Eagle Creek. With super strong stitching in high-stress areas, this nifty duffel bag can handle plenty of wear and tear.


Outdated Features

A bag that looks old-fashioned (but not in a cool, retro way) can bring down your whole outfit. Not that fussed about fashion? Style shouldn't be your only concern. If your bag's appearance is outdated, chances are its design is too.

Older bags are usually heavy and hard to manoeuvre. Instead of sticking with a bulky old suitcase, consider treating yourself to a lighter piece of luggage before your next trip. Luggage manufacturing is pretty high-tech these days and many brands have invested in ultra-lightweight materials. Take Antler's Juno suitcase for example. Constructed with polypropylene, this suitcase is much lighter and more durable than anything you could have bought a few decades ago. The larger size weighs just 4.2kg!


Dodgy Wheels

Spinner suitcases make travelling the world a breeze. But if your bag's wheels don't roll as smoothly as they used to, getting a new one might be your only option. The first sign that a suitcase needs replacing can often be seen in how smoothly it moves across surfaces. A quality spinner suitcase should be able to take on sharp corners and bumpy pavements without any difficulty. If the wheels are cracked or crooked, you will notice an immediate difference in your bag's manoeuvrability.

There are plenty of spinner suitcases to choose from at Bags To Go. If you're looking for something little flashy, try taking a Hartmann 7R suitcase for a spin.


Worn Out Fabric

Textile suitcases are always a popular option, but they can wear down over time. Even if any holes haven't appeared in your bag yet, that doesn't mean it's not due to be replaced. If your bag is old enough, the fabric may have thinned so much in places that a rip could appear at any moment. Just think how inconvenient it would be for your bag to fall apart halfway through your trip!

If you want your next fabric bag to be really high quality, the Chatalet Soft Plus range by Delsey is luxurious yet practical.

We know it can be hard to give up on your favourite piece of luggage. If you're worried that you might not be able to find a bag that's just as dependable as your old one, we can help. Our online store has so many different options, you shouldn't have any trouble finding a suitable replacement!