Antler Luggage

Antler Luggage

With more than 100 year of experience, Antler offers luggage that stands the test of time. Antler understands that each day will take you on a path less travelled. They provide luggage to let you tackle each and every challenge thrown your way with absolute style.

Antler is innovative. They are the pioneers of the industry. Fast forward to today, and they are fresh, project a strong sense of style and never sacrifice quality. Customers are always coming back for Antler products. They are creative, modern and great value.

Top fashion magazines such as GQ and Vogue recommend Antler. Many celebrities will not go anywhere without their Antler luggage. They also recognize that everybody takes on a different journey in life so all needs are accommodated for in the range - be that stylish, value for money, practical, lightweight, sturdy or full of design and innovation.

Antler has been at the top of the pops for luggage through innovative, striking, bold design. Ranges by Antler such as Tiber, Juno and Cyberlite have helped revolutionise the market and its approach to luggage design. Antler guarantees that every piece comes with 100 years of expertise packed inside.

Check out some of our most popular ranges of Antler luggage - Business 300, Oxygen, Titus, and Zeolite