Best Places To Travel Solo In 2019

Best Places To Travel Solo In 2019

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The start of a new year marks the perfect occasion to start planning all the possible adventures for the next 12 months. And what better way to celebrate 2019 than by booking a holiday (or two!)?

You don't need a partner or friends to tag along to tick dreamy travel destinations off your bucket list. Travelling alone is an incredibly rewarding experience - especially when you visit the right places.

The world is teeming with beautiful locations waiting to be discovered. These solo travel destinations will inspire you to start packing your bags, pronto.




It's no surprise Japan has long been a hotspot for Aussie travellers. The fusion of city lights, art, history, shopping and of course cuisine, has won the hearts of many Westerners time and time again.

The perfect place for those opting to travel solo, Japan is very safe. Japanese people are known for their friendly and polite demeanour - they'll happily help out any tourist in need of directions or guidance.

Japan will be in the spotlight for the next couple of years, with the Rugby World Cup taking place there in 2019, followed by the Olympics in 2020. You can be certain Japan will put on an entertaining show as it plays host to these two big events.



Those wanting to avoid crowds and take the road less travelled will love Greenland. Don't let its frosty exterior (up to 80% of the island is covered in ice) keep you away. There's very little crime, almost no crowds, and plenty of pristine scenery to explore.

Greenland is one big arctic adventure with endless activities to keep you occupied from the moment your plane lands. From dog sledding, heli-skiing and mountaineering, to seeing gorgeous wildlife and the Northern Lights, its appeal is incredibly alluring.

European airlines offer competitive prices for flights to Greenland, so it's now more accessible and affordable to book a holiday there.



Known as the bridge between the South and Central Americas, Panama is a worthwhile travel destination in 2019. While it largely flies under the radar as a popular hotspot for tourists, there's much to experience in this tropical paradise.

A unique hub of biodiversity, Panama's unique geographical location serves as the home for a diverse and exotic combination of animals and plants. The country's cocktail blend of metropolitan cities, charming cobbled street towns, untouched white-sand beaches and lush rainforests will give you plenty to see and do every day of your stay. Caffeine-lovers will be pleased to hear Panama is renowned for its coffee - be sure to try the rich and floral aromas of the Geisha coffee while you're there.

Panama City turns 500 in 2019, so visitors can be certain of coming across plenty of parties on arrival.




One of the most well-known destinations for solo adventures, Canada is teeming with beautiful scenery and incredible towns to explore. Not only is it a very safe country to visit, it's also a popular destination for Australians. This means you'll very likely bump into fellow solo Aussie travellers on your journey. And as Canadians are some of the friendliest folk you'll meet, you're bound to feel right at home.

You won't be stumped for things to do or places to see in Canada. Witness first-hand the incredible turquoise-blue waters of Lake Louise in Banff, Alberta, climb Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, or see the stunning Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal. No matter where you go in Canada, you'll always find a hearty serving of poutine (chips, gravy and cheese curds) to fuel up before your next adventure.




If you haven't visited the Emerald Island before, 2019 is the year to mark it on your maps. The charming and welcoming country of Ireland has much to offer those travelling alone. The rich culture, ancient castles, romantic ruins and lush green countryside is enough to win the heart of any intrepid voyager.

Ireland is a very safe place to explore on your own. Along with the lack of language barrier and friendly locals, it's a top travel destination for those wanting to test the waters of holidaying alone. And best of all, you won't feel weird eating out on your own. Ireland's lively pubs are the perfect place to grab a bite to eat (and a pint or two) - and you're likely to find lots of other solo diners. Looking to strike up a conversation? You can always choose to eat at the bar and chat with fellow patrons.



Switzerland With so many must-do countries to visit in Europe, it's easy to leave Switzerland off your itinerary. But this dreamy setting complete with lakes, villages and rugged mountain terrain is one travel experience certain to stay with you.

There's no wrong time of the year to plan a holiday in Switzerland. You can explore the wondrous cities, hike through the mountains and swim in the lakes through Summer, or head there in the colder months for skiing, snowboarding and snow-shoe trekking in a wintry wonderland.

Be sure to visit the town of Vevey to take part in the Fête des Vignerons - an enormous festival held over a three-week period to celebrate winemaking. Don't miss out though - this celebration only occurs five times in a century, making 2019 a great time to visit.




Those itching to explore Central America should consider a stay in Belize. As the only English-speaking country on the continent, you'll feel more confident travelling here alone.

This dreamy slice of the Caribbean is the ideal tropical beach getaway, complete with balmy weather, cave exploring, jungle hiking, and scuba diving among exotic marine life in crystal clear waters.

The blend of eight diverse cultures has turned Belize into the peaceful and jovial country, with a widespread reputation as one of the friendliest travel destinations to visit. Tourists are heartily welcomed to share in the magic of the Caribbean's best kept secret. Plan your trip in 2019 before word gets out!


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