Back To School Essentials From Bags To Go

Back To School Essentials From Bags To Go

Michael Keogh

With the Christmas rush finished and January halfway over, it's time for parents to start thinking about getting their kids prepped for 2016. A fresh school year means new friends, different teachers and more knowledge - and shopping for school supplies! Whether your child is at the beginning of their schooling journey, transitioning from primary to high school or just moving up a grade, it's likely that some (or all) of their school stationery and accessories will need to be replaced or upgraded. From stylish backpacks to organisational aids, these are the essentials your kids need to ace the next school year!


A Cool Backpack

First thing's first: your little (or big!) student is going to need a stylish bag to carry their supplies to and from school. Our range of kids' backpacks at Bags To Go caters to kids of all ages with trendy prints and comfortable designs to help them learn in style. Younger kids will love the officially licensed backpacks featuring their favourite characters; Elsa and Anna from Disney's Frozen or Darth Vader from Star Wars are popular options. These packs come with a one year warranty and are perfect for primary school students thanks to the adjustable straps and smaller size. Many of these designs are also available in a wheeled version - perfect for afternoons when those little bodies start getting a bit tired.

Older students often have different requirements - a more toned down look and the right features (like laptop compartments) tend to play a bigger part in their decisions. Look for built-in features like a padded back and straps to support posture when purchasing a bag for more mature students.


Luggage Tags

There's nothing worse than accidentally coming home with the wrong backpack, so make sure that your child doesn't mix up their bag with another student by attaching a bright luggage tag. We love the Smiley Face Tags from Global Travel as they are a fun and logical way to add personality and are available in a range of bright colours.



Be prepared for a rainy day with the RST Folding Umbrella in Grey Check or Plum Leopard Print - these products are compact yet sturdy, making them perfect to keep at the bottom of a school bag for when it starts to drizzle!



Teach your child about the importance of money with a handy wallet that they can carry their tuckshop money and bus pass in. Go for a Disney-themed wallet for younger children, or opt for something more mature for older students; check out the leather options from Oran for a classy look.


Organisational Aids

Sometimes things can get messy inside a school bag, so keep the important things safe with Eagle Creek's Pack-It: Sac Set. These mesh pouches are spill resistant and can be conveniently clipped onto anything, so they are perfect as a pencil case, book bag or electronics pouch, all while keeping everything neat and organised!


When it comes to quality back to school gear, you can't beat Bags To Go - check out our range today!