Avoid Over-Packing! Tips On How To Travel Light

Avoid Over-Packing! Tips On How To Travel Light

Michael Keogh

Do you often find yourself having to sit on your suitcase while aggressively attempting to get the zipper all the way around? Read on, my over-packing friend. Packing for a trip, no matter how big or small, can be a daunting experience. You may find yourself trying your best to frantically squash in every item of clothing you own "just in case". Luckily, Bags to Go has all of the organisational aids you need to be a pro at packing your luggage, leaving you with more precious space for those must-have souvenirs!

Follow our tips and tricks on how to avoid over-packing, and travel light with organisation and ease.


Only Pack the Wills, Not the Mights

If you're travelling to Darwin in the middle of summer, there is a 99.9% chance you're not going to require your favourite fur-trimmed parka jacket. Give the 'might wears' a miss and only pack the items you know you will definitely need. You may be dying to give your new pair of high heels a spin, but if you're off to a relaxing rainforest retreat or lazy coastal stay, a pair of sandals is probably all you'll need.


Get Organised

A great way to manage your luggage is to take advantage of our organisational aiding items. The Eagle Creek Pack-It Slim Kit Hanging Toiletries Bag is the perfect solution for separating your clothes and toiletries in order to stay organised and avoid an unfortunate shampoo explosion. By keeping your toiletries in their own compact bag, you'll also make it easier and faster to find exactly what you need as well as leave more space for other items.


Ditch the Wheels

If you really need motivation to pack light, ditch the wheels for a duffle bag or backpack. Knowing that you will be lugging around your luggage should be enough encouragement to keep it on the lighter side. We have a huge selection of duffle bags and backpacks, like the Bells Beach Canvas Large Barrel Duffle Bag, that are perfect for weekend getaways and longer trips. Just remember to keep it light, or start doing your push-ups!

Whether you're a serial over-packer in need of an intervention or heading off to Europe with a strict airline weight limit, these tips for travelling light should help keep you organised. No more packing a week's worth of items for one day of travelling!

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