Alternatives To A Bum Bag Or Fanny Pack

Alternatives To A Bum Bag Or Fanny Pack

Michael Keogh

Like a lot of retro fashion, bum bags are suddenly cool again. Also widely referred to as a fanny pack (although bum bag is the preferred term in Australia), this accessory first made its mark on the fashion scene in the '80s. Worn around the waist or hips, it's designed to hold money and other valuables.

After reaching peak popularity in the '90s, the bum bag went out of style for around a decade or so - but now it's back! Beloved by hipsters and tourists, the bum bag renaissance is here to stay. That being said, bum bags aren't for everyone. If you're not sure you're ready to embrace this trend, consider these advantages and disadvantages:


Advantages of a bum bag

  • Security - Bum bags can be kept close to your body at all times, offering superior protection against pickpockets.
  • Hands-free convenience - Unlike a standard cross-body bag, you won't need to adjust your bum bag to stop it from slipping.
  • Easy access - Perfect for stashing phones, wallets and passports, a bum bag can keep all your travel essentials within easy reach.

Of course, no accessory is perfect. Before investing in a bum bag, keep the following potential pitfalls in mind:


Disadvantages of a bum bag

  • Fashion difficulties - No matter how on-trend bum bags become, these accessories can still look a little dorky when paired with the wrong outfit.
  • Lack of space - If you never leave home without several kilos worth of travel essentials, you might struggle with the compact size of a bum bag.
  • False sense of security - Since they're known for deterring pickpockets, bum bags can lead to complacency. Always keep a close eye on your valuables, even when they're strapped around your waist.


What are the alternatives?

They may be back in fashion, but bum bags aren't your only option when it comes to compact accessories. If you're looking for something slightly more sophisticated, these are some of our go-to alternatives:

A jacket with an internal pocket

Not every outfit is going to match with your bum bag - on days when you can't be bothered to put together a fanny pack-friendly outfit, simply don your favourite jacket instead. For extra security, use the internal pocket to keep your stuff safe.

Secret lightweight pouches and pockets

If it's too hot for a jacket but you still want the added security of keeping your belongings out of sight, you can always opt for a secret accessory. Bags To Go stocks a range of lightweight bags that can be worn underneath your clothing, including the following styles by Pacsafe:

By keeping your possessions completely hidden, these items offer even more security than a bum bag. The only downside is the lack of accessibility - if you're wearing lots of layers, getting at your valuables can be a bit tricky.

A small daypack with RFID blocking technology

Daypacks are a good option when you need a little more packing room. Thieves often target backpacks, but investing in a style with anti-theft features can help counteract this risk. RFID protected daypacks can keep your financial details secure, while bags constructed from slash-proof materials can deter slash-and-grab thieves.

To invest in your very own security-enhanced backpack, check out the Citysafe LS300.

Pants with deep front pockets

Stashing your valuables in your pockets can be tempting when you're trying to avoid travelling with a bag. You'll just need to make sure you wear loose fitting jeans or cargo pants with extra-long pockets, otherwise you're bound to lose your valuables.

If you're not convinced any of these alternatives can compete with the retro appeal of a bum bag, check out the range available at Bags To Go today.