5 Essentials To Pack For Your Trip

5 Essentials To Pack For Your Trip

Michael Keogh

Have you ever ended up at your destination, only to open your bag and realise you've left something important back home? Or perhaps you always find yourself scratching your head as you stare into the depths of an empty suitcase? Take note of these five essentials you should pack to make the most of your trip.


Toiletries Bag

It's not fun jumbling up all of your neatly packed clothes as you try to locate your toothbrush. Make sure all of your hygiene products are organised by travelling with a many-compartmented toiletries bag. Put your travel-sized shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste and toothbrush in specific pockets throughout your bag for optimum organisation. Knick knacks like hairbands and bobby pins can be placed in smaller, zipping pockets, so they aren't strewn all throughout your luggage. Using a bag with a hook is also fantastic in ensuring your belongings will be kept off any wet bathroom floors.


Luggage Scale

So you've been exploring overseas and you're keen to bring home some souvenirs and duty-free goods. You've only just managed to zip up your suitcase before boarding your return flight. You were ready to board until the workers at luggage check-in said your bag was over the weight limit. Avoid fines or wearing 5 layers of clothing through the airport by keeping track of your luggage's weight throughout your trip.

visit bags to go to check out our range of travel items and accessories, including the Comfort Travel digital luggage scale. This nifty accessory will help you decide whether or not you should squeeze in those extra destination shirts and novelty mugs.


Money Pouch

When you're travelling away from home, especially in an unfamiliar country, it's important to ensure your money is secure and hidden. If you don't feel comfortable keeping your wallet in your backpack or pocket, consider using a money belt or a money neck pouch that can be worn under your clothes. With these pouches, you can secure not only your cash, but your passport, travel documents and any tickets as well. Comfort Travel in particular offers money pouches and belts lined with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking material, to help protect your identity and money.



Keep your devices charged by travelling with the appropriate adaptor for your destination. If you're planning on heading to a number of countries, consider packing the Edge universal travel adaptor. This way you'll save space in your suitcase and you'll stay connected.



Whether it's for your suitcase or your day pack, a quality lock will not only protect your belongings, but it will ensure you have peace of mind as you enjoy your trip. Some suitcases come with a fixed lock, while others have zips built to hold an independent one. TSA locks in particular are great in ensuring travel security officers won't need to break your lock for any necessary inspections.

These top five essentials will ensure you get the most out of your trip. Which item would make it into your luggage first?