Featuring hidden pockets for your phone, passport, wallet and other valuables, the Transit apparel range keeps your travel essentials close by. Designed by Pacsafe, a brand renowned for their anti-theft travel solutions, the Transit apparel collection is ultra-secure so you can embrace life’s adventures knowing your gear is safe.

Pacsafe’s Transit collection uses innovative technology to protect your credit card details. Made from cutting-edge RFIDsafe™ material, each piece of Transit apparel is designed to shield your personal details against credit card scanners. This anti-theft feature lets you breeze through transit with confidence knowing your details are protected.

Transit vests feature a lightweight insulated lining to keep you warm on the go. They’re also made with water-repellent material, so your valuables stay safe and dry. Super lightweight, warm, and soft, the vest can be packed into a comfy travel pillow – talk about versatile.

Perfect for long-haul trips, Transit hoodies control odour and help you maintain better hygiene. Made from antibacterial polygiene® treated fabric, Transit hoodies don’t require frequent washing, so you can wear them more often between washes.  

The Transit range of clothing keeps your valuables safely tucked away while helping you stay warm, clean, and odour-free, no matter where your journey takes you. It includes a range of vests and hoodies for both men and women. Pick out your favourite style today.