Want to make sure your sensitive information is safe while you travel? Physically swiping your wallet is no longer the only way criminals can get their hands on your data. A Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) scanner could steal information from your driver’s licence, credit card or passport without you ever knowing!

Luckily, thanks to our range of RFID-blocking products, you can still travel with peace of mind, knowing your private information is safe. Safety doesn’t come at the cost of style though; our products are stylish and made by leading brands like Pacsafe, Creando Milano, Zoomlite and Comfort Travel.


RFID Wallets and Passport Covers

Using an RFID-blocking wallet is an easy and convenient way to protect your details. If your journey is taking you overseas, you’ll need your passport too – and this document is equally vulnerable to unscrupulous hackers. We have a variety of RFID passport covers, protectors and pouches to choose from so you can ensure this important item is safe from scanners.


RFID Pouches and Money Belts

Many travellers like to use under-clothing pouches or money belts to add extra protection to their valuables. With an RFID-blocking pouch or money belt, you can take this security even further, keeping your credit cards and other cards safe from both physical anddigital thieves.


RFID Shoulder Bags and Backpacks

Do you keep all your important documents and cards in your bag while travelling? Opt for a trendy and practical RFID-blocking shoulder bag or backpack to keep your details private and secured. Our wide range of bags makes it easy to travel with safety and style.

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