PacSafe MetroSafe Bags

PacSafe MetroSafe Bags

When it comes to keeping your goods protected while out and about, look no further than the PacSafe MetroSafe range at Bags To Go. With one of these contemporary shoulder bags or laptop bags on your shoulder, none of your belongings – physical or digital – are at risk of being stolen.


Anti-Theft Bags

When you are taking busy public transport, walking through crowded streets, or just going out for lunch with colleagues, it can be difficult to keep an eye on your bag every second.

MetroSafe is the answer to this dilemma; the bags in this collection will help you deter thieves, thanks to specially designed features such as:

  • Slashguards
  • A slashproof shoulder strap
  • A turn & lock strap hook
  • Smart zipper security
  • Zippered main and front compartments.

Even when you are distracted, your belongings are likely to stay safe and secure.


RFID-Blocking Bags

In today’s modern world, theft does not always occur physically. Digital hackers can now steal your data without even laying their eyes on your things. The information stored on your driver’s licence, credit cards, and passport are all vulnerable to RFID scanners.

Luckily, an anti-theft bag from the PacSafe MetroSafe range also doubles as an RFID-blocking bag. An RFID-safe pocket provides the perfect secure space for your wallet.

If you are looking for the best anti-theft and RFID-safe travel gear, you will find it right here in this excellent PacSafe MetroSafe range. For all your other luggage needs, click through to other sections of our online store to discover everything Bags To Go can offer you.