Comet Suitcases

Comet Suitcases

The Comet collection is designed for lightweight durability. Designed by Tosca, one of the world’s favourite luggage brands, the Comet suitcase provides travellers with a high-quality, hard-shell case that is sturdy, safe, and light. 

This stylish collection has everything you need to get you and your belongings to your destination - whether you’re flying across the country or jet setting around the globe. If you’re worried about your valuables being damaged, the ribbed polypropylene hard-shell provides superior protection.

The smaller Comet designs are perfect for storing popular carry-on items such as your phone, tablet, laptop, camera, and other fragile electronics. There are also medium and large sizes available if you need more room. All Comet suitcases are scratch and slash resistant, reducing theft through case slitting. The tough exterior also offers reliable protection against hard knocks and rough handling.  

With easy-grip top and side handles, collecting your checked luggage and getting through busy airports or crowded trains stations is easy. Your bag won’t flip, drag, or lose balance on tight corners, allowing you to travel in style. To ensure smooth steering, Comet suitcases come with 4 deluxe dual glide wheels. 

The suitcase’s hard case exterior is stylish, lightweight, and water-resistant, so it’s easy to keep dry in rainy or snowy conditions. Whether you’re headed to a jungle safari or a ski trip through the alps, Comet suitcases are the modern traveller’s reliable travel companion. Choose your favourite style from the range today.