Citysafe Anti Theft Baggage & Accessories by Pacsafe

Citysafe Anti Theft Baggage & Accessories by Pacsafe

Whether you’re commuting through your home city or visiting a foreign metropolis, it’s always a relief to know your valuable belongings are secure. The anti-theft bags in the CitySafe range by Pacsafe give you this peace of mind.

Would-be robbers aren’t the only people you’ll be protecting yourself against with one of these items though. The bags in this collection are also RFID-blocking products, which can prevent cyber criminals from stealing the data from your driver’s licence, passport and credit cards.


CitySafe Shoulder Bags and Backpacks

If you need to comfortably and stylishly carry your gear through busy city streets, a CitySafe shoulder bag or backpack is perfect for you. With patented features to keep unscrupulous hands off your possessions and RFID-safe material to block scanners, these bags are ideal for people who would rather be safe than sorry.


CitySafe Pouches and Purses

An RFID-blocking pouch or purse is an invaluable item to have available when travelling to unfamiliar cities. These items are made of Slashguard material, have RFID-safe pockets, and feature security hooks, meaning neither physical nor digital thieves will find any joy in targeting you. Wear your pouch underneath your clothing for added security.


CitySafe Tote Bags

For a weekend escape in the city or a brief business trip abroad, you can’t go past one of the tote bags in the CitySafe range. With an elegantly simple design, great functionality, and an array of safety-based features, one of these totes will keep you feeling organised and secure while away from home.

CitySafe, one of the best ranges of anti-thefts bags in Australia, has everything you need for your next city trip. Browse through the rest of the Bags To Go website to find any other bag or travel accessory you may require.