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From last-minute business trips to weekends away, you’ll find the perfect piece of small carry-on luggage for every journey at Bags To Go. Have more on-board necessities than your humble backpack can handle? A carry-on-sized suitcase is the answer. If you’re sick of trying to fit all your worldly belongings into a bag that leaves your clothes crumpled and your shoulders aching, travel in comfort and style with a small carry-on suitcase.

A smaller size doesn’t mean less fashion cred when you shop with Bags To Go. We stock small luggage from leading brands like DelseySamsonite, Ricardo, American Tourister and more. With so many trusted manufactures to choose from, finding a stylish and high-quality travel companion is easy. Our small suitcase collection features every colour of the rainbow, including sleek shades of black and white together with bright block colours and prints. For those who prefer understated travel accessories, there’s a mixture of minimalist styles on offer. If you’d rather stand out from the crowd, add some striking details to your travel aesthetic with a brightly coloured small suitcase.

Whether you’re looking for a small hard suitcase or a soft piece of luggage, Bags To Go has an abundance of both styles in compact sizes. Constructed from strong, sturdy materials like nylon and polyester, soft suitcases are flexible and easy to lift. Perfect for squeezing into overhead lockers and under seats, they make great cabin baggage. If you’re travelling with fragile items, invest in a small hard suitcase to give your valuables extra security and protection. Advances in luggage engineering have significantly reduced the weight of hard suitcases, so you can keep your belongings safe while still enjoying a high standard of portability. Moulded from strong yet light materials like polycarbonate, you’ll be able to travel with confidence with a small hard suitcase by your side.

Spinner Carry-On Suitcases

Offering the convenience of extendable handles and effortless portability, small spinner suitcases are a great investment for frequent flyers. Our range of small carry-on luggage with wheels provides a choice of 2-wheel and 4-wheel styles in various colours. Built to navigate rough surfaces with ease, the sturdy wheels on these spinner suitcases allow for smooth steering. If you’re ever running late for a flight, a wheeled suitcase will easily keep up as you race through the airport. Small wheeled suitcases are also great for business trips, saving you the hassle of hauling a heavy bag to meetings.

Smart Features

Choose an expandable suitcase if you plan to pick up plenty of extra possessions during your journey. Expandable suitcases typically feature a wrap-around expansion zipper, which creates extra packing space when opened entirely. If you run out of room, simply expand your suitcase to make the most of the extra space.

Brands You Know And Trust

Choose from a wide array of quality brands, including American Tourister,Disney, Samsonite, and more! Browse our small luggage range online or at your nearest Bags To Go outlet to find the perfect carry-on sized suitcase for your next trip.