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Caribee Backpacks & Bags

When you hear Caribee, you instantly think adventure. As one of Australia’s leading backpack suppliers, Caribee has become synonymous with outdoor fun. Caribee's success is through creating long lasting designs, highest quality materials, and above all else - functional pieces for economical prices. The name Caribee is derived from a piranha like creature that is native to South America. The creature is small in size however this is deceiving as it is a dominating and resilient species in its environment. Caribee is to be taken seriously. This is what they are all about.

Caribee is highly innovative and never rests in improving their products. Rigorous testing is completed on all pieces created and only the best are stamped with the Caribee brand mark. Caribee is striving to provide better and better products, customer care and quality to the market. Caribee products have been Australians' gear of choice for their travels and outdoor adventures for over 40 years.

Check out some of the most popular Caribee bags including - Caribee Adventurer 70cm Wheeled Duffle Bag, and Caribee Skymaster 40L Carry On Backpack.