What To Do When Your Luggage Goes Missing

What To Do When Your Luggage Goes Missing

Michael Keogh

Missing luggage can cause a lot of stress, not to mention, a huge dampener on your holiday! If your luggage was to go missing or be delayed on an airline, would you know how to take action? And would your bags be protected against theft?

The key is to be prepared in case in case your bags go missing - you don't want to expect the worse, but some simple security measures can make all the difference if something does go wrong. Keep reading to find the Bags to Go team's top tips on how to take control when your luggage goes missing!


File Your Claim

You should receive a baggage claim ticket when you check your bags in before a flight. If you are waiting and waiting for your luggage, only to find it doesn't arrive on the baggage carousel, file your claim with the airport immediately and ensure they have your correct contact details.


Track Your Bag's Status

In the event of a luggage delay, most airports are able to check your bag's status on their computer system. You may also be able to access this to track your bag, or alternatively the airport could provide you with a contact number that you can call for updates.


Prevention is Key

Before you take off, there are several preventative measures that can help you avoid lost or stolen baggage, or at least protect the contents of your bags if one of this should occur.

  • Tag your bag! Put your name and contact details on your luggage so it can easily be traced back to you. Our luggage tags come in a variety of funky colours and styles so your bag is easy to identify.
  • Lock it up! If your bag goes missing, at least you have peace of mind knowing that no one can get inside if you use one of our durable travel locks.
  • Invest in the Bluetooth tracking device, Luggage tag. Simply place the tracker in your bag, download the app and you will be able to locate your bag for up to 2-3 years.
  • Keep all of your valuables in your carry-on, including passports, identification, medications and electronics - this way, you always know where they are.
  • Ensure you always receive a claim ticket for your baggage when you check it in.
  • Make your way straight to the baggage claim after landing to minimise the chances of someone else accidentally picking up your bags.


Do you have a getaway coming up? Keep calm and take off with confidence on your next journey with our tips and tricks for protecting your luggage!