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The 10 Must Have Travel Essentials

Aleem Khan

We all do it: stuff your suitcase with unnecessary items or, conversely, forget the most important. To avoid all these little inconveniences as much as possible, we have compiled a list of essential accessories to put in the suitcase before leaving on your trip.

This holiday must-have list is suitable for short or long trips, in summer or in winter, in the sun or in the rain, for seaside getaways, city breaks or explorations off the beaten track. 



1.     TSA padlocks

Padlocks are the best way to make sure that no one opens your things as soon as your back is turned. Once your baggage is in the hold, there is no way to know what is happening to it. Better safe than sorry, with a padlock on the opening you can be sure that no one is going through your things. Shop on Bags To Go for TSA approved padlocks.


2.     A universal adapter

We often forget it and quickly regret it! 

Rather than having all kinds of adapters, invest in a universal adapter that you can use anywhere. No need to worry about which one to take to go to such and such a country, you take your universal and go


3.     Waterproof bags and umbrellas:

Those who have experienced the monsoon while traveling, know very well that travel does not necessarily mean sunshine. And in these cases, there is unfortunately not always a shelter to protect you and your belongings. To at least protect your valuables, you can get waterproof bags to slip your backpack into. Bags to go also offers Pocket Poncho and Automatic Travel Umbrella.


4.     Travel Pillow and Foot Rest

Bags To Go’s Super Snoozer Travel Pillow and Super Foot Rest could become your best friend during any long-haul flight. This accessory can save you a few stiff necks and tired feet and legs.

5.     A suitcase scale

No more hassles of trying to balance your suitcase on your scale or praying for it to pass at the airport. It's so convenient that you won't regret your purchase. You will finally be able to take the plane with peace of mind - no more risk of starting your trip by paying extra dollars for luggage. Bags To Go’s mini digital luggage scale is what you need.

6.     RFID Document Wallet

While traveling, we often face problems of assault or theft. To avoid losing anything, RFID Document Wallet is super practical. You can slip your passports, tickets, credit cards and other important papers inside. RFID Document Wallet blocks RFID transmissions and stops unauthorized access to your personal information.

7. Toiletry Cases

The suitcase is almost ready. All you need to do is select the beauty products you want to bring.  In order to help you select only the essentials, keep them organized and avoid the spills, you will need toiletry cases and bottles as pretty as they are practical! The Bags To Go comes to your rescue with models adapted to all needs, and all budgets.


8.     Face Mask & ear plugs

Not easy to stay asleep when you are a light sleeper. And yet, what a pleasure it would be to be able to sleep on the train or the plane! Look no further: the Bags to Go’s sleep kit is for you. Slip the mask over your eyes and insert the earplugs into your ears: you are cut off from the world, ready for a good night's sleep.

9.     Packing cubes

With any trip, there is always the dreaded aspect of the package. How do you fit all your items in a suitcase and keep them organized? With Packing Cubes, save your time and space, and stay organized. Take a look at Bags to Go’s range of packing cubes and find the one that's right for you.

10. Bag Tags and Covers

Have you ever struggled with recognizing your suitcase while at the baggage belt? Happens to the best of us. With our wide range of Bag Covers and Tags, dress up your suitcase in fancy cover, and make your suitcase instantly recognizable.