Packing Like A Pro!

Packing Like A Pro!

Michael Keogh

Your luggage is always over the check-in weight allowance. Your suiitcase's zips are typically fit to burst. When you finally arrive at your destination, your belogings have morphhed into a scary mess. The team at Bags to Go have shared their top tips for organising the perfect travel bag.

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1 - Heavy Hierarchy

Pack heavy or large items like straighteners, hairdryers, handbags and shoes first in your suitcase.

2 - Stuff Shoes

Shoes add bulk, so compensate by stuffing rolled socks inside them. if you don't have a separate compartment for your shoes, place them in drawstring bags to keep bulk down.

3 - Bulk Down

Place jackets, jeans, towels and other bulky items into travel compression bags. These greatly increase space in you luggage.

4 - Don't fold - roll!

Roll up casual clothing to reduce crinkles and to fill empty spaces.

5 - Un-knot Knickers

Separate your underwear, bras and boxers into a small, drawstring bag to keep them all in the one place.

6 - Double-bag Toiletries

Airplanes and liquid toiletries don't often mix well. Avoid shampoo explosions by double-bagging your toiletries in clear, seal-able bags.

7 - Prioritise

Cameras, documents and other, frequently used travel accessories should be backed last to save hours of searching and to keep your bag organised. With these 7 pro tips from BAGS TO GO, you can avoid the packing nightmare to spent time on more important things.