Five Best Cities in France to Visit

Five Best Cities in France to Visit

Aleem Khan


France is a beautiful country renowned for its wines and sophisticated cuisine. The rare beauty lies in its structure and valleys, Dordogne valley specifically. The mesmerizing architecture of the entire country takes you somewhere else where there is love and peace. 

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PARIS (Where Lovers Meet)

Well, no one would ever miss going to Paris when visiting France. The beautiful Eifel Tower is the Epitome of Love; you'll often witness couples proposing to each other at the Eiffel tower and making promises to stay together for the rest of their lives. People often sit there for witnessing the sunset with all the instagramic picnic setups. Pack your right sized bag for right place for picnic dates, it is handy and easy to carry and would not bother you while you enjoy the trip.


NICE (The Best of Both Worlds)

On the list of top must-visit cities in France, Nice comes second because why not? The delightful view of French Rivera alongside a trendy seaside resort is perfect for vacations. The scenic town was full of colours, with a wide bay with calm blue waters. Whoever witnesses this enchanting view fall in love with the city.


Marseilles (The Oldest City in France)

 It is the most important and wide port. The echoing energy and exotic atmosphere pull the travellers towards its vast working seaport to soak up the richness of the ambience. The oldest city in France is filled with ancient memories, an inheritance that dates around 2,600 years.


Nimes (Commune in France)

Do not just take France as all about love and roses; it is also famous for its historical architecture, like Nimes. It's known for preserved Roman memorials such as the Arena of Nîmes, a double-tiered circle stadium still used for concerts and bullfights. It's likely one of my dears, sometimes underrated, French cities to visit in Nimes. Roosted in the magnificent countryside of the South of France, Nimes is a historic Roman city perfect for a long vacation.Bags to go provides complete range of travelling accessories.


Bordeaux (A City So Delicious)

If you are a foodie, then this place is surely for you. The fascinating smell of freshly baked bread will not keep you far from it. There are plenty of shops n' stores with hand-crafted items that you'll fall in love with. Beautiful souvenirs you'd want to buy and stuff your bag with all the memories. 

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