Father's Day Getaway Gift Ideas!

Father's Day Getaway Gift Ideas!

Michael Keogh

When it comes to Father's Day presents, it doesn't get much better than treating your dad to a weekend away. Whether your old man is an outdoorsy kind of guy or prefers more luxurious holidays, this is the perfect excuse to round up the family and enjoy some quality time together. It's even better if you can collaborate with your family to give your dad a collection of presents that all work together and complement the holiday. No matter where you end up travelling to, we know the best luggage options and travel accessories that will be the perfect presents for his Father's Day trip!


The Camping Chill Out

If your dad loves getting back to nature, why not taking him camping this Father's Day? You might think that a tent, a few days' worth of food and a change of clothes will be enough to see you through a weekend in the wilderness, but have you thought about what you're going to carry everything in? Having a comfy backpack on hand will make your dad's Father's Day expedition even more enjoyable! From compact daypacks to backpacks made especially for hiking, you should have no problem finding something your dad will like in the Bags To Go range.


The Urban Getaway

Airlines are always offering cheap deals for domestic flights, so why not treat your dad to a weekend away in another Australian city? First things first - you'll need a bag that fits easily into overhead compartments. We have an extensive of collection of carry-on luggage, so you can pick out an option that perfectly suits your dad's travel needs. For a comfortable flight, dads should stash the following items in their carry-on bag:

  • Phone + USB charger - many planes come equipped with USB outlets now, allowing passengers to charge their phones throughout the flight
  • Deodorant and/or aftershave
  • A water bottle
  • A good book


The Coastal Road Trip

If you live in Queensland, you can't go past a trip to the Gold Coast for a luxurious weekend away in some of Australia's best hotels. To complement your pamper holiday, you should also consider getting him an ultra-modern suitcase to match his classy surroundings. Rather than showing up a fancy hotel with a worn out old bag, he'll look much more at home with some nice hardcase luggage. The best thing about these kind of suitcases is their durability - they'll keep his belongings safe and sound for this trip, and all future holidays!


The Business Break

Is your dad super committed to his job? If he can't resist bringing a whole stack of work along for the weekend, a quality laptop bag is essential. We stock both laptop bags and backpacks in a range of sizes and colours, so your dad won't have to worry about neglecting his professional responsibilities on Father's Day. To ensure your dad's laptop doesn't run out of battery, we also recommend bringing along a portable battery charger.

We hope we've given you some good present ideas for Father's Day! Wherever you end up heading for the weekend, the most important thing is to show your dad how much your love him!

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